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About Sky

Sky loves supporting her clients in attaining their desired outcomes and embracing their highest potentials. It is her joy and honor to watch her clients and students step forth into the world free from limitations and live their life’s purpose. It is her privilege to witness them soar, to fully shine their light into the world making it a better place for all!

Private Sessions

Experience a private session with Sky via phone or Skype from around the world. Benefit from years of Sky’s unique training.

Animal Healing Sessions

ThetaHealing is a fast way to check in with your animal friends, to see how they are feeling, what they believe and what issues they would like resolved on a subconscious level. Let them be the Earth Angels to you that they truly are!

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Success Stories

A couple of weeks ago, after months and months of healing, reading the books, trying to take care of myself, trying to meditate & trying to get answers, I felt so frustrated and so alone. Instead of coming up, I just felt like I was digging a deeper hole for myself. I was tired. I felt like just ending it…

A. CNorthern California

With sincere gratitude for the Theta work with Sky, my life has evolved so beautifully and gracefully. I am able to see clearly the path for my highest and best good and have truly manifested the partner, home and lifestyle of my dreams. Working with Sky is like a deep breath of fresh air, a coming home to myself.

Diana DeLucaSonoma County, CA

Before I even saw Sky in the room in Croatia at the ThetaHealing seminars, just hearing her voice for the first time, I had these positive vibes all around me; I just felt inner peace. I’ve continued to work with Sky via Skype and I just had an amazing session with her. Thank you, Sky!…

Sujata Gujadhur Dubai

Sky is truly an effective, authentic conduit of God’s Healing Light. Pure spirit and sage intuition emanate through her voice, immediately settling you into ease-and-receptivity in order to receive God’s Healing Light. We are extremely grateful that Sky is practicing this work and helping many people…

ClientLos Angeles, CA
The first time I met Sky I knew she was a master at her art.  I could feel her authenticity, compassion, and love.  I began hearing more and more about Theta healing from friends, but knew in my heart Sky was the one for me.  After a year, I booked my appointment and showed up to receive and transform.  Sky’s friendly demeanor and ability to laugh had me at ease instantly, ready to expand into the healing.  The meditations she did seemed to resonate deep within my cosmic memory and my soul remembered what to do with Sky’s clear instruction.  As the healing was happening, she was encouraging and supportive which made it easier to let go and let Source in.  She intuitively knew where I wanted to go and was able to capture that path even though I could not speak about it.  I had goosebumps the entire time.  I had goosebumps the entire day.  I let go of some serious old patterns and I feel like a new woman.  My world is now fresh, alive, clear, direct, and filled with love.  I had been experiencing pain and with her help was able to remedy it immediately.  Theta healing is very fast and thorough!  I can not wait till my next session with her.  If you are in pain, want to let go of old patterns, or want to start living the true light that you are, I HIGHLY recommend Sky for you!  What a gift to the Universe!!!
Vanessa Tavernetti Sebastopol, CA
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